Like a samurai needs a sharp sword, a programmer needs a high quality keyboard. In terms of high quality there is nothing more durable and awesome than a mechanical keyboard. These beasts make you more productive and transform you to keyboard ninja status. Here are some reasons why getting one will improve your typing experience.

1. Durable

One wouldn’t need to buy a new keyboard each year if he bought a mechanical keyboard instead. The ancient IBM Model Ms are still on sale today, still functioning and loved. You would trust metal more than plastic, would you?

Because they are primarily made out of metal, these things are heavy. You could strike someone to death with it. So odds are if there is a zombie invasion you might defend yourself with one.

2. The feeling

You can almost always write faster on a mechanical keyboard. Why? The science is in how the keys work. They use a mechanical switch instead of a rubber dome and have a more “tactile” feel. In that way you can feel the response of the keys much more intensely then it’d be ever possible on a rubber keyboard.

There are different type of switches around. For example the DasKeyboard Model S, the one I use, uses Cherry MX Blue switches, which is one of the more “clickier” ones.

When Germans design it, you know it has to be good.DasKeyboard

3. The satisfaction of the sound

The sound the keys make are, depending on switch-type, loud and annoying, to loud and just a bit annoying. You may annoy your surroundings because of the volume, but remember that you are just showing off your pride. You’ll get used to it. It feels like typing on some old typewriter, but at least it’s a cool-looking typewriter.

The more you type on mechanical keyboards the more it will feel awkward to use rubber keyboards, there is just no feedback.

4. You can feel badass

If you use one of these you sure make a remark the you’re not supposed to be taken like a fool. You know what you’re doing when you don’t even need key labels to write at 100WPM. People will ask what the point of such keyboard is and then in response you ask why the hell not.

Sure, mechanical keyboards have their price. But with all the reasons listed above I think it’s an investment worth making, especially if you value your fingers like me. Don’t let your fingers live in pain. If you switch you probably won’t go back.