Remember in your early days of Windows, where you just fooled around and made fake viruses in VB Script or scary batch scripts to annoy your friends? Here is a compilation of some of them.

The basic Message Box

You can create a message box with this script:

MsgBox("Yes, this is dog.", 0+16, "Hello")

Save it as VBS file (click_this.vbs). Then it shows this: hello

The weird “0+16” in the code defines the icon and the buttons.

1. The buttons

  • 0 = OK Button
  • 1 = OK / Cancel Button
  • 2 = Abort / Retry / Ignore
  • 3 = Yes / No / Cancel
  • 4 = Yes / No
  • 5 = Retry / Cancel

2. The icons

  • 16 = Critical
  • 32 = Help
  • 48 = Warning
  • 64 = Information

This is not everything. You can very easily chain up different message boxes to different answers.

Dim Answer
Answer = MsgBox("Install Gentoo?", 4+32, "Help")

If Answer = vbYes Then
    call MsgBox("Thank you.", 0+64, "Thanks.")
    'Insert code for installing Gentoo.'
ElseIf Answer = vbNo Then
    call MsgBox("I hate you.", 0+64, ":(")
End If

Of course this is very childish, and everyone who has a bit of Common Sense won’t get tricked by this. You can still scare your annoying friends or parents after all.

Annoying Batch Scripts

If you don’t understand what this does, then you probably shouldn’t be here:

@echo off

start cmd

goto Loop

This creates instances of cmd.exe in a goto loop. Do you know what is faster? A batch file that starts itself infinitely.

@echo off

start "%~f0"
goto Loop

%~f0 equals to the full path to the batch file that is executed. Try it out!